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Filelinked Code 17920207

The Filelinked code is 17920207 – Here you can find all of the different volumes of Cyclone as well as some extras. USE UNLOCKMYTV FOR ALL VOD AND TV SERIES!!! Use your downloader and type in Choose the download now box and install. Once installed enter the code and continue. All of the apps are there.


1. Make sure “Apps from Unknown Sources is enabled”:  Navigate to your Fire TV Settings. Then scroll over to “My Fire TV”, then down to “Developer Options”. Under Developer Options make sure that “Apps From Unknown Sources” is enabled and turned on. 
2. Install “Downloader” application: Perform a search on your Amazon Fire TV search bar for the application called “DOWNLOADER”. Select and install downloader to your device. ENABLE JAVA IN DOWNLOADER SETTINGS.
3. Download Cyclone Streams/Media Rescue Application: Launch the recently installed Downloader Application. Once it is open you will see a URL address bar for you to enter the locatoin of the file you wish to download. Select the URL Target bar and enter the following URL:
                                    Cyclone Streams APP URL for Downloader:
                                    Media Rescue APP URL for Downloader:
4. Install Cyclone Streams/Media Rescue Applicaiton: 
After you have succesfully downloaded your preferred applicaiton to your device it will automatically ask if you wish to install the application. You must push the down button on the remotes directional pad and select “INSTALL” on the bottom right. After it has completed the installation it will return you to the donwloader applicaiton you were previously in. It will ask if you wish to delete the Installaiton APK File you just downloaded. Select “YES”. You do not need this file any longer and this will conserve space on your device. 
5. Set Cyclone Streams/Media rescue app to the top of the list: Now that the application has been sucessfully installed on your device there is one last step to ensure easy access to thie application. Navigate to the main home screen of your Fire TV Device. Then scroll down until you see “Your Apps and Channels”. Then scroll all the way over to the right until you come to the end and land on the button that says “See all–>” and select it. You will then be taken to a screen that has all of the installed applications listed. You need to scroll all the way down to the very bottom until you see either the Cyclone Streams or the Media rescue application. Highlight the app but DO NOT SELECT IT. Instead you must press the three lines button on your firestick remote located directly next to the home button. This will bring up a sub-menu. Scroll to the second option that says “Move to front” and select it. This has now moved the application to the very front of the list and will put the app front and center on your home screen for easy access. 
6. Launch and ENJOY!: Now all you have to do is launch the applicaiton, login with the username and password credentials listed above and enjoy our service! 


    TiviMate APPLICATION: If you are using an Amazon Fire TV Device please skip to Step 1.A
    Step 1: Open a web browser on your android box and direct the browser to ““. The applicaiton will automatically begin to download and once the download is complete select “install” to install the Tivi Mate app to your device. 

            Step 1.A:  In order to download the app on your Amazon Fire TV Device you must first enable Apps from unknown sources. Navigate to your Fire TV Settings, then go to “My Fire TV” then down to “Developer settings” and make sure that “Apps From Unknown Sources” is enabled. Then return to the home screen of your Amazon TV Device and go to the search bar. Search for and download the application called “Downloader”. Launch Downloader once it has been installed and navigate to the url ““. The application will automatically download. Once the download is complete simply select “install”. 


    Step 2: After the installation is complete select the Tivi Mate app from your list of available applications and launch the app. Once the app has started select “Add Playlsit” from the middle of the screen. Then enter the M3U line that has been generated for your account listed below. After typing in the URL it will allow you to input a name for the list. You can name the play list what ever you wish and click next. If you have entered the information correctly your play list will load and will allow you to access the streams from our server. 


                      M3U URL:{$service_username}&password={$service_password}&type=m3u_plus&output=ts
    Step 3: Now that you have successfully loaded the play list into the app, you should also load the Electronic Program Guide information as well. To do this you must click on the settings button inside the app and navigate to “TV Guide” which is the second item on the list. Once selected you must then select “TV Guide URL”and type the EPG URL that is listed below exactly as it appears. 
                      EPG URL:{$service_username}&password={$service_password}


      DESKTOP WEB PLAYER:  Please note that the webplayer is optimized for PC use and is not reccomended for mobile devices. 
      1. Open a browser of your choice (google chrome is reccomended) and navigate to 
      2. Enter your username and password as listed above. Login and enjoy!


        Here is an easy to follow tutorial that will show you how to use Perfect Player with Root.

        • Open Smarters App
        • Input login credentials
        • URL for service is
        • Enjoy!
        STB or MAG

        If you are using a MAG Device to access our services you must have first signed up for a MAG Device subscription and enetered your correct MAC ID into the signup form. Our services are unique in the fact that when using a MAG device you are also assigned a streaming line username/password for simultanious use on a seperate device. IMPORTANT NOTE: The username and password listed above will not work correctly and should be ignored if you are using a MAG device subscription. In order to obtain your Streaming Line Username and Password to access our services at the same time as your MAG box you must follow these very simple steps. 
        1. Open a web browser on your PC or Mobile Device and navigate to 
        2. On the top line where it says “MAC Address” Simply input the MAC Address of your device. This must match the address that you entered during sugnup. Url is
        3. Press Submit. If the entered MAC Address was entered correctly and matches the address entered at sign up you will be given a username/password. Please make note of these. As a reminder all usernames and passwords are case sensitive. 
        4. Use the provided username and password from the magtool to access our services on any of the android based applications as well as mobile devices or the online web player.